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Fall 2013

Books by Peter Bruechmann

The following edition will surpass his preceding books extraordinarily. During the time of the year 2012 he scrutinized the surface of our globe in the respect of finding possible, by that time not identified remains of surface-levelled atomic bomb experimental detonations, as a supplement concerning his two atomic bomb books, eventually. Unforeseen, he discovered never ever expected activities of extraterrestrian astronauts on our Planet Earth!

To bring into prominence, this new book was positioned at the top of the previous editions by the author, as a research report.

Innumerable “Hot spots” left by unknown rocket vehicles, then coming down vertically or starting from the same place, have been discovered. The history of the origin reproves some thousand of years, back into the prehistoric times, obviously. Furthermore, these activities should not have been performed without the existence of a huge orbital “Kosmobil”, resting over the Earth temporarily.

Peter Bruechmann has listed more than 60 “burning places”, offering each appertaining GPS locations, to any reader. Anybody interested will be able to re-check the data for an acknowledgement. Recommended systems: Google Earth or / and Bing aerial maps. The data offered by the author do better than the usual official judgement “Theory” would do. All worked-out results are basing on the authors private investigation equipment and financial possibilities.

The first presentation: International Book Fair in Frankfurt / Germany, October 2013, performed by the book manufacturers BoD “Books on Demand”, Norderstedt, Germany